Inspiring Performance

Behavior Assessments

Team Building

Creating Cultures that Inspire Performance.


What if your team understood how to work with each individual’s strengths and weaknesses?


What if conflict was quickly and cordially resolved?


What if the environment in your organization changed to a healthy and vibrant culture?


TeamBuildingOnTheGo believes that by understanding your team and how their personalities have both strengths and weaknesses that can work together, you can create a culture that will inspire performance.  Increase productivity, advance problem solving, enhance team building and resolve conflicts quicker.  Our 20 years of proven, practical experience can work with any team environment.


It's fun, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, and interactive training and development that will change your work culture to inspire better performance.


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Client Testimonials

Morale was down and we were pretty ineffective. It was tough to change but with Dave's help we've never been better.