Creating Cultures

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Team Building

Creating Cultures that Inspire Performance.

How you would describe your team? Are they efficient? Do they get along? Do you see alot of new hire turn-over? Is there a lot of office drama?  


The essential question is: What is the culture of your work environment and the those you work with?


TeamBuilingOnTheGo is a unique, fun and interactive process that does more than telling people to change. We actually teach your team how to work within their strengths, compensate for weaknesses and create a positive work environment. With tools like the EverythingDiSC personality testing, we demonstrate how four basic personality types can work effectively together which will create a work culture that is strong, vibrant and working towards a cohesiveness that you may never have seen.


If your team or work environment is a culture of chaos, TeamBuildingOnTheGo has over 20 years of creating cultures that inspire performance.

Client Testimonials

Our team was a mess. Rather than starting from scratch, Dave showed us why we are the way we are and how we can work together. I actually enjoy going to work now!