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Our Training Concepts 

Team Formation/Teambuilding

TeamBuildingOnTheGo's original training module helps to build a strong team from a collection of diverse individuals. This module is designed for the newly formed team, where strengths are unknown and a process of working together has not been developed. Participants will learn how to recognize their strengths and use them to create a powerful team.  For the existing team, this module can be focused to help create a new sense of direction, or new energy for the tasks at hand.  Participants will learn how to rediscover thier strengths and use them effectively.


Utilizing the Everything DiSC Leadership 363® assessment along with information from interviews and group interactions, individuals are coached to the next level in leadership and performance. This process is helpful for the struggling individual and for those who aspire to more. 

Discovering Leadership

Discovering Leadership is a dynamic training module through which the participants construct the basic building blocks of leadership knowledge, skill, and value through a unique process of discovery.
Participants will learn how to search out challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate and improve; to experiment, take risks, and learn from the accompanying mistakes; and how to foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust.

Understanding Yourself and Others

A Dynamic training module through which the participants learn about the natural behavioral tendencies they have and how those behaviors impact their ability to function in and as a team. This training utilizes the Everything DiSC® Application Library. Participants will learn how to recognize and capitalize on contrasting behavioral styles, while coming to understand their own value to the team. They will develop communication strategies and learn how to influence others in a positive way.

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution, from TeamBuildingOnTheGo is a powerful individual and team performance module through which the participant constructs knowledge, skill, and value as a positive catalyst in resolving conflict through a unique integration of direct experience and relevant content. Through insight gained from the DiSC® profile, participants will learn how to recognize 4 approaches to conflict with 4 different goals and chose an appropriate level of involvement.

Management Assessment and Training

This innovative tool combines the essence of the DiSC® profile with principles of management. Participants will gain an understanding of their own management style, how to direct and delegate, impact motivation, develop others and learn how to be more effective with their own manager. Experiential exercises will concretize the assessment.

Sales Assessment and Training

This tool combines the essence of the DiSC® profile with the necessary traits for selling. It helps the participant to understand their own style, their selling priorities, challenges and how to adapt their style to sell to individuals of any style. Participants will walk away with a specific sales plan for at least one new client.

Great Beginnings Lead to Great Results

Let us help start off your day of meetings and planning, or a conference. We will help create the needed energy and focus to get the job done. We can also help you wrap up your experience with our debriefing process.

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Client Testimonials

Dave, You did a wonderful and very skilful job in leading us forward. I appreciate your spirit, insight and direction so much!!