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Welcome to the TeamBuildingOnTheGo.com.

We are the “people stuff” consultants.  We help you focus on the people side of your business or organization, so you can focus on doing what your mission directs.

In our site you will find our philosophies and our multi-faceted approaches to "creating cultures that inspire performance”.

You will not find us to be talking heads, but rather, facilitators whose role it is to come along side you, helping to create the culture you desire.

Creating Cultures. Inspiring Perfomance.

Learning should be both active and fun; TeamBuildingOnTheGo (a division of Edgeline Resources LLC) uses both of these principles in structuring all of its workshops to make learning and change both easy and meaningful to the group participating.

The TeamBuildingOnTheGo program works primarily from the experiential learning perspective in teaching a variety of skills.  A TeamBuildingOnTheGo workshop focuses on giving the participants the minimum amount of information necessary to get a concept across.  The participants are then given opportunities to practice the skills in a learning laboratory setting, where the completion of tasks is not paramount to the learning process.

Believing that any group is only as effective as the relationships of its members, our TeamBuildingOnTheGo interventions emphasize the interaction between group members while they are completing a task.  The tasks will not attempt to replicate the normal activities of the group members. With the use of such tools as the DiSC personality testing, we use the way your team members communicate, listen, and utilize resources to solve problems to create a strong, effective and cohesive work environment. With the easy-to-learn and easy-to-use skills, your team quickly grow into a culture that inspires perfomance!

We don't simply offer classroom style lectures but a hands-on, fun and interactive training tools that immediately shows your team how to work better...together.

A Chinese Proverb states:

            What I hear, I forget.
            What I see, I remember.
            What I do, I KNOW.

We like to add:

            What I KNOW, I DO

This philosophy governs an TeamBuildingOnTheGo workshop.  As new skills are discovered or introduced, the group is given opportunity to practice the new skills, which increases transferability.

Client Testimonials

Dave, You did a wonderful and very skilful job in leading us forward. I appreciate your spirit, insight and direction so much!!